Dev Blog #4 - COVID Blues

Dev Blog #4 - COVID Blues

Multiverse Team

Originally written 05/15/2020, read the original Tweet here.

Hello! It's Megan! 😊
Lead artist on Multiverse. We've been hard at work on early access, but today I wanted to take a moment to shine a light on some of the things Multiverse has been doing to help get rid of the COVID 19 blues within the team.

Motivation is low, we can all feel it. First step is just being open and honest with each other. What you’re feeling is valid and completely understandable. It’s important to be on the same page so you can take steps towards boosting the morale and motivation of the team together.

For us that means weekly check in meetings, keeping an open and active voice channel in our discord so we can work together, and on Fridays we have a Friday fun day! On that day we start by rolling a d20 and depending on what we roll we do one of the following:

We then follow up by talking about one thing we especially enjoyed this week (tv shows, web comics, art, etc.) After we're all done giving our good praises we'll play games together! Doing this gives everyone something to look forward to each week and boosts morale!

Staying connected is really important during this time. I love this team and their support means a lot to me. With their support and understanding I've found it so much easier to jump back into things and find my motivation again.

I wish the same for everyone else. Remember to take time to appreciate each other. Be patient and understanding. Take this as an opportunity to work together to build a better and stronger process to get through this and come out better than ever.

That's what it feels like we are doing and it makes me feel incredibly proud and lucky to be on this team! So on this Friday, I would just like to end this thread by saying thank you for your support on Multiverse!

We'd love hear what other folks in our community are doing to take care of each other as well. We hope that you can roll with advantage this weekend!

(Also: nice. Meg signing off!)