Dev Blog #3 - Short: Time and Light in Games

Dev Blog #3 - Short: Time and Light in Games

Multiverse Team

Originally written 11/04/2019, some information may be out of date or have changed.

Time and light in games, as an interactive storytelling tool! Quick Monday thread on how we're bringing those storytelling elements and trying to incorporate it into tabletop, bringing the freedom of RPGs through the tools only available in mediums like video games.

The difference between daytime and night has been used as a gameplay tool over the decades. Whether it's in Animal Crossing and Pokémon tying real time to in-game day and night to bring out different NPCs and interactions, or Breath of the Wild determining what enemies come out.

The difference a day-night cycle makes.

The same meadows your adventurers travel through may turn into a seemingly treacherous forest in a few hours. Light is now a precious tool. Visibility can build anticipation. Showing less slows a player down, and every turn becomes a careful consideration.

We wanted DMs/GMs/Storytellers to have similar control. We wanted that experience to be reflected for players as well to encourage creative problem solving. For example: If one single party member has night vision, every other player's screen is significantly dimmed but theirs.

We don't really want to try and anticipate all the uses of these tools, we'd rather wait for folks to show us what they can come up with. On the technical side, it's pretty ambitious! Stay tuned for the cool physics, algorithms, and 3D details in upcoming dev blogs!

The original Twitter thread can be found here.