Dev Blog #7 - Activism, Anti-racism, Black Lives Matter and Games

Dev Blog #7 - Activism, Anti-racism, Black Lives Matter and Games

Multiverse Team

Originally written 06/05/2020, some information may be out of date or have changed. Read the original Tweet here.

Yo, Mike here! As the Multiverse community manager, and I wanna take our weekly check-in toward a slightly different direction and talk about game design during protests against police brutality. (pics mine!)

The most dynamic aspect of Multiverse are the people behind it - I've never worked with a team as diverse but the thing about meaningful diversity, is that we don't have the option of being insulated from the latest spectacles of white supremacy.

With these updates we share reflections on developing such a unique project like Multiverse. If you've been following us for a bit, you know we are trying to create a hybrid experience that's not quite a table top, and not just a video game.

But while trying to put together this passion project, we also have to try talk through keeping our team safe and sane, from the epidemics of COVID-19 and Racism.

As a team, we've been supporting our members to get involved in every way they can. Ranging from info on nearby protests, planning out how to make anti-rubber bullet shields, and meaningful remote support for the Black community.

We also engage these topics daily, none of the drive-by 'hey just checking in...' business. For us we need to have a team culture where these flash points aren't the first time we ask 'are you good? Are you eating? are you safe?'

As gamers — we have to struggle with what to do when your city center looks like a scene from Call of Duty, and the usual culture of escapism doesn't cut it. We balance building alternate worlds in Multiverse with doing the same IRL with our activism.

What is the role of games and storytelling when it feels like the world is burning? Can the stories we tell pass on a revolutionary ethic? Has an RPG party ever petitioned the evil tyrant out of power??

We're making space for people like us and our stories in the TTRPG / gaming world, and want y'all to make anti-racism a priority in whatever work you do too. How are y'all hitting a balance in these trying times? Are you both taking care of yourself and pushing your comfort zone?