Ending the Kickstarter

Ending the Kickstarter

Multiverse Team

Originally written 03/23/2020, some information may be out of date or have changed. Read the original Tweet here.

Hello! Thariq, Hisham, and Sara here, co-founders of Multiverse.

COVID-19 hit our creative + gaming communities hard. We've been listening, learning, and researching in this time, and we have major announcements: Multiverse is going free to play + the Kickstarter is ending early

Our goal has always been to keep Multiverse accessible to everyone, regardless of income, job status, or needs. It is now time to put those words to work. That accessibility is needed now more than ever as we brace for more social distancing and economic hardship.

Keeping the core platform free-to-play ensures we can reach as many players, creators and storytellers as possible. Our creator focused marketplace will be a major focus, where partners, writers, musicians, artists etc. can find support with the Multiverse community.

Kickstarter funding is down across the board, and we've received many messages from those who want to support us, but unable to with the unpredictable financial future with COVID-19. We hear you, and we want to extend the period for pre-orders so our community can grow together.

✨Early Access to Multiverse is available to ALL who backed our Kickstarter!✨

If you backed us during the Kickstarter we're immensely grateful for the support and we'd like to give you an early access pass and the early access items! Backer update to come soon on that.

We've launched http://store.playmultiverse.com. We would still love your support, but don't want you to feel the time pressure in our current climate. So you can add on the different reward tiers we featured in the campaign! Particularly those getting custom art and assets.

Multiverse Store Bundles

We will be leaving the Kickstarter campaign up for a few more days, so that we can easily message and answer questions from backers, particularly those getting custom art and assets. A form will be sent out to backers so that we can ensure Early Access can be honored.

Next Steps! Kickstarter has always been a part of our funding plan, but not the only source. Recently, we were part of the YCombinator Winter batch. As we change to a free to play model, we'll be leaning on other sources of funding, more updates on what that looks like to come later.

Finally, thank you. Truly. The excitement from the community has been incredible. Thank you so much for sharing what Multiverse has meant to you. We are looking forward to getting back to work, and can't wait to make this a reality with you all.

Multiverse is still on track to release this year and we hope to share regular updates about this journey forward.

Stay safe and stay nerdy,
All the NPCs at Team Multiverse