Dev Blog #10 - Shape and Design

Dev Blog #10 - Shape and Design

Multiverse Team

Originally written 07/06/2020, some information may be out of date or have changed. Read the original Tweet here.

Ahoy peeps! Jen, Multiverse's UI Designer, here to chat about shape design and using it to unify our UI. As we work to create something new, we had to turn to something old. We're finding our inspiration in the gorgeous geometric patterns of Islamic Art. 🌙🕌

First, why do games need a shape design? Because along with great sound, writing and art, it makes the game “immersive”—grounding you in the experience. It gives you a different lens for the world, with its own emotions and associations, separate from everyday life.

It helps make the game feel like it has its own developed presence that stands out from the crowd. With MV being a RPG platform, explicitly designed to enable any kind of player to craft any narrative and world they wish, our UI should symbolically represent that openness.

Geometric patterns immediately come to mind since they are abstract and universal, and they can be layered and combined in an infinite number of ways.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran

While geometric patterns can be found in many cultural traditions, some of the most breathtaking exist in Islamic art, a rich tradition that has been relatively under-represented in the game industry.

Tomb of Hafez, District 3, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

Blown away yet? As a designer, I can’t help but be, especially considering how old some of these structures are—some date to the 15th century!

Tiles from Topkapi Palace, Turkey

The artistry, precision, and dedication required to design and assemble these motifs is inspiring.

Blue Tiles of Jame Mosque in Yazd, Iran

And whilst these were created to celebrate the ideals of Islam, one does not have to subscribe to the religion, or any religion, to appreciate their beauty.

Hassan II Mosque, Rabat, Morocco

The repeating patterns and infinite variability of these motifs serves as a perfect metaphor for the multiplicity of the Multiverse platform. Stay tuned for how our UI evolves to incorporate this tradition!